Ofsted Update

A few months ago, we had the call. OFSTED are coming in. There’s no need to panic though, with the practices and procedures and the great team of learners, tutors and staff we have in place at Eden, we’re always prepared for an inspection.

OFSTED now have an increased focus on apprenticeship training providers, with many being found to have made insufficient progress in all areas. Worryingly, some have even been found to be “not fit for purpose”. The reason behind this shift in focus is due to the new apprenticeship levy, which came into action in 2017 and the need to ensure that the early foundations or the building blocks to ensure good quality provision have been put in place.

Those providers who have been found to not have in place what they should at that moment in time may end up marked as “insufficient progress”. If the worst came to worst, then the funding agencies to step in and take whatever action they wish to take.

We’re proud to report that our visit didn’t warrant this sort of action. We knew it wouldn’t. We came out with an overall grade of GOOD. Not the first time that we’ve been awarded such a mark and we’re pleased that our continued hard work and dedication to our learners has been recognised.

If you’re studying for an apprenticeship with Eden, you know that we aren’t cutting corners, we’re doing everything we can to make sure you’re receiving the best training we can give.

The full report can be downloaded from the OFSTED website, let’s have a look at some of our highlights:

Learners and apprentices benefit from effective, useful and impartial careers advice and guidance. Leaders have a clear strategy to ensure that learners and apprentices are supported in their quest to gain sustainable employment or an apprenticeship.

Staff guide and support prospective applicants well, including directing them to other providers to gain the necessary skills prior to starting an apprenticeship.

Ongoing advice and guidance are good and help learners and apprentices to make informed decisions about their future careers or about accessing higher education.

Leaders know their provision well. They review and monitor the performance of managers and learning consultants rigorously and effectively through the collection

and analysis of data and information. Consequently, leaders have a good awareness and understanding of the progress that learners and apprentices make.

Don’t risk your future being in the hands of an under performing training provider. Make sure you are giving yourself every chance of success by choosing Eden as the training provider for your apprenticeship.


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