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Is the Apprenticeship Levy just another Tax? No!

Make it work for you and your business.

If you’re in a business which has a wage bill exceeding £3 million, then you’re automatically paying into the Apprenticeship Levy. There’s no way around it, you’re paying into it. Don’t forget, the government is also paying into your account and it’s there to be used on training for new or existing staff. According to recent government stats, there are a lot of companies who aren’t making the most of this brilliant opportunity and are viewing the Apprenticeship levy as a tax.

Is it time for you to look at the levy in a different light and ask a very important question;

How Can I Get the Most Out of The Levy?

There are a few steps any organisation needs to take to maximise their chances of success.

  • Get your organisational mindset right. Conversations with the organisations key decision makers and influencers is the best place to start with this.
  • Make sure you are familiar with the apprenticeships and the standards that are most relevant to your business.
  • Talk to Eden about your options and look to link apprenticeship training programs to areas in your business where skills and recruitment for your business are an issue.
  • Make sure all your conversations about the apprenticeship levy stay broad. For example, don’t restrict yourself to using the levy for new hires when it can be used for training existing staff.
  • Set a big goal and have a plan to achieve this goal that will capture the attention of your organisation. Could the levy represent a change for your organisation? Could it be the kick for digital transformation within your management team? Pick a purpose and let your levy get you there

The levy allows employers more control over the design and quality of the apprenticeship that’s being delivered. It’s not redirecting training investment, it’s providing an opportunity to create something new.

Make sure that your staff get the maximum benefit by ensuring that the training program is focused on occupation, rather than a specific role. This gives employees and line managers a bigger benefit as the training will be broader and will give them the skills they need for a current role as well as helping them advance through the company. Training is a powerful tool for businesses as it helps to close skill gaps and contributes to employees feeling valued by their employer.

Without an upper age limits for apprenticeships, it’s a great option for companies who want to upskill their existing workforce, giving employees the opportunity to advance their careers.

Maximise Your Chances

Follow these steps to use your levy to upskill existing staff and bring in new talent to the business. The levy represents a chance for real organisational change. Grab it with both hands.

The levy isn’t a tax, it’s an opportunity that your business should make the most of.


Talk to Eden Training Solutions about taking full advantage of your Apprenticeship Levy and get your businesses journey started today.


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