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Functional Skills - English

Functional Skills English

Level 1 & Level 2

  • Speaking, listening and communication with confidence and effectiveness
  • Reading a range of texts that instruct, describe, explain and persuade
  • Spelling, punctuation, grammar and writing composition
Under The Age of 25
Candidate Screening and Recruitment
Essential Digital Skills

Essential Digital Skills

Up to Level 1

  • Using Devices and Handling Information
  • Creating and Editing
  • Communicating and Transacting
  • Being Safe and Responsible Online
Infection Prevention & Control

Prevention and Control of Infection

Level 2

  • The principles of infection prevention and control
  • Causes and spread of infection
  • Cleaning, decontamination, and waste management
Advanced Childcare Practice Management
Caring for Children - Level 1

Caring for Children

Level 1

  • Respecting and valuing children
  • Human growth and development
  • Preparing for your next steps
  • Supporting babies to play
  • Self-development
  • Practical health and safety when with young children
Functional Skills Maths

Functional Skills Mathematics

Level 1 & Level 2

  • Using numbers and the number systems
  • Whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and percentages
  • Using common measures, shapes, and space
  • Handling information and data
Food Safety & Nutrition
Caring for Children - Level 1

Promoting Food Safety & Nutrition in Early Years

Level 2

  • Meet food safety requirements when providing food and drink for individuals
  • Support individuals to eat and drink
  • Contribute to promoting nutrition and hydration in early years and childcare settings
  • Promote nutrition and hydration in early years and childcare settings

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Level 1 & Level 2

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking and listening
Operations Departmental Manager
Fitness AEB Funding
Gym Instructing

Gym Instructing

Level 2

  • Principles of Anatomy, Physiology and Fitness – Multiple Choice Test
  • Professionalism and Customer Care for Fitness Instructors
  • Conducting Client Consultation to Support Positive Behaviour Change
  • Planning for Gym-based Exercise
  • Instructing Gym-based Exercise
  • Health and Safety in the Fitness Environment
Personal Training

Personal Training

Level 3

  • Applied Anatomy and Physiology for Exercise, Health and Fitness – Multiple Choice Test
  • The Principles of Nutrition and their Application to Exercise and Health – Multiple Choice Test
  • Understanding Lifestyle, Health and Wellbeing
Using ICT
Using ICT

Using ICT

Level 2

  • Improving Productivity Using IT
  • Using email
  • Using the Internet
  • IT Security for Users
  • Presentation Software
  • Spreadsheet Software
  • Word Processing Software
Employability Skills

Employability Skills

Level 1

  • An appreciation for appropriate behaviour and dress code
  • Appropriate interpersonal skills and personal manners
  • Understanding work practices and how different roles and departments function within an organisation
  • Working in a team
  • Job application skills
  • Interview skills
  • Writing a CV
  • Health and well-being in the workplace
  • ICT for employment
Employability Skills

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