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Learning Mentor L3 icon with gradient

Learning Mentor L3

A Learning Mentor is a ‘dual professional’ having both up-to-date knowledge and skills in a specialist vocation or subject area, together with the generic skills necessary to support learners.

These skills are used to guide and advise those who are less experienced and new to a work role, therefore supporting the development of knowledge, skills and behaviours.

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Teaching Assistant L3 icon with gradient

Teaching Assistant L3

The primary role of a Teaching Assistant is to support the class teacher to enhance pupils’ learning, ensuring pupils understand the work set, know their learning objectives and stay on task in order to make progress.

The Teaching Assistant will promote self-belief, social inclusion and high self-esteem playing an integral part of the pupils’ well-being whilst ensuring pupils thrive in a positive, nurturing, safe environment.

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Learning & Development Practitioner L3 icon with gradient

Learning & Development Practitioner L3

A Learning & Development Practitioner’s role is usually to identify the learning and training needs of staff, design or source training and learning solutions as well as delivering and evaluating training.

They will usually work with stakeholders and business area managers within their organisation.

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Assessor Coach L4 icon with gradient

Assessor Coach L4

The Assessor Coach is a dual professional supporting vocational and professional development across the education and training sector. This standard will enable the apprentice to coach and assess vocational learners in a range of learning environments.

The apprentice will learn coaching skills which involve complex communication techniques and engaging learners in planning their individualised learning programme.

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Learning & Skills Teacher L5 icon with gradient

Learning & Skills Teacher L5

The Learning & Skills Teacher is a ‘dual professional’, having first achieved competence in a vocational or subject specialism and then subsequently training as a teacher.

The Learning & Skills Teacher role is pivotal to the success of traineeship and apprenticeship programmes, in delivering effective vocational education and training that meets both learners’ and employers’ needs.

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Improvement Practitioner L4 icon with gradient

Improvement Practitioner L4

Improvement Practitioners can be found across all sectors and functions within organisations. They’re usually responsible for leading smaller projects or play a key support role in larger projects and programmes.

They tackle issues that require swift problem solving or re-occurring challenges that require in-depth analysis.

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Learning & Development Consultant Business Partner L5 icon with gradient

Learning & Development Consultant Business Partner L5

Overview The Learning & Development Consultant Business Partner is accountable for ensuring L&D contributes to, and influences, improved performance in the workplace at an individual, team and organisation level. By joining the Learning & Development Consultant Business Partner L5 programme, you’ll develop a greater understanding of how commercial responsibility aligns learning needs with the strategic…

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