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Reach Your Potential

Learn more about Eden Training Solutions, and how we can help you reach your potential.

Background to Eden Training Solutions

We’re very proud of our Yorkshire roots and have our main head office based in Castleford. Eden Training Solutions began life as a training provider and were formed in 2008.

As an award winning, independent training provider, Eden continues to deliver leading edge vocational and bespoke training to employers and individuals across the Business, Fitness, Education and Childcare sectors in England.

In 2018, Eden Training Solutions were proudly named in the Sunday Times Top 100 Best Small Companies, achieving a place in the Top 5 in Yorkshire and being categorised as an ‘extraordinary company to work for’.

As a Grade 2 (Good) rated Ofsted training provider, Eden continues to develop into new markets, developing new products and innovative training solutions for businesses and individuals.
“The board of directors, senior leaders and managers at Eden have sustained the good quality of education and training for learners and apprentices. You and your team have continued your focus on improving the quality of teaching, learning and assessment. Consequently, a high proportion of learners and apprentices are making excellent progress.” Her Majesty’s Inspector 2018.

Our Vision is to help people Reach their Potential by developing their knowledge and skills for a brighter future.

We use our expertise to make a positive difference to people, communities and organisations and sitting at the heart of our delivery are Eden’s core values of Integrity | Excellence |Accountability| Teamwork.

It takes strong leadership to produce exceptional results.

Our senior management team is committed to leading Eden according to our high standards of Integrity, Excellence, Accountability, and Teamwork.

We believe talent is essential to our success and are proud to have some of the most talented business leaders in the work-based learning industry.

Our Board of Directors have over 100 years of combined experience in the Education and Training sector and at the helm of our business is Lorna Newbould (Founder and Chief Executive Officer).

The Board are committed to ensuring that Eden Training Solutions and it’s people deliver the highest possible standards of Education and Training to help people Reach their Potential.

  • “Creating inspiring leaders in our team”

    Eden truly are the best. They have been creating inspiring leaders in our team.

    Lisa Rainbow

  • “I’ve had a great experience”

    I’ve had a great experience and so much help throughout my course, my tutor has been helpful. I am glad I signed up to this course.

    Kim Glover