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    Payroll Administrator L3

    • Qualification Type: Apprenticeship
    • Level: 3
    • Course Duration: 18 Months
    • Course Value: £9,000


    The Payroll Administrator will work within the HR or Finance function. In medium to large organisations, a Payroll Administrator may work as part of a team, often reporting to a team leader, supervisor, or manager.

    Enhance your payroll skills by joining our Payroll Administrator L3 programme, most suited to individuals with responsibility for the payroll function. Additionally, and depending on your role within the organisation, you may also have responsibility for the accurate and timely completion of routine and non-routine payroll-related calculations and other information.

    You’ll develop your knowledge and skills, becoming an expert in how to set up and operate payroll systems within your organisation, managing day-to-day payroll practices, dealing with queries and providing advice to employees.

    The Payroll Administrator will typically be located within a business / organisation or in a payroll bureau, bookkeeping or accounting practice, or professional services company.

    During the 18 months on-programme learning, you’ll receive regular support to develop the required knowledge, skills, and behaviours of the qualification. With the support of your employer and Skills Tutor, you’ll also prepare for your end point assessment role simulation, which involves producing written responses relating to how you will manage payroll calculations for a fictitious organisation and a written analysis of scenarios including your communication of outcomes achieved to demonstrate how you have met the knowledge, skills, and behaviours of the qualification.

    Technical Knowledge

    • Business & customer awareness
    • Payroll
    • Pensions
    • Technical (inc statutory & contractual requirement, deductions, & payroll calculations)
    • Regulation & compliance
    • Systems & processes

    Technical Skills

    • Planning & Prioritisation
    • Analysis of information and data
    • Effective use of systems & processes
    • Produces quality & accurate information
    • Team working and collaboration
    • Communication & engagement

    Underpinning Skills, Attitudes and Behaviours

    • Ethics & integrity
    • Adaptability
    • Professional scepticism (mis-statement, error, or potential fraud monitoring)
    • Proactivity and enthusiasm
    • Professional development

    Following the successful completion of the course, you’ll be able to manage the day-to-day payroll operation, including the gathering, creation and processing of payroll-related information to ensure employees are paid on time and accurately via payroll software and manual systems. You’ll also be eligible to apply for Individual Affiliate membership of the GPA and Associate membership of the CIPP.

    Additional skills development will include:

    • Compliance with legislative and contractual obligations
    • Internal and external reporting of payroll information to deadlines
    • Effective and appropriate communication with employees and relevant stakeholders
    • Working to relevant ethical and professional standards in a legislative and regulatory environment

    Programme Payments

    Small, Medium Employer (under £3m annual payroll)

    • £45.00 per learner per month (5% employer contribution *10 months = £450) + VAT

    Levy Employer (over £3m annual payroll)

    • On Programme: £400.00 per learner per month * 18 months = £7,200 (80%)
    • End Point Assessment: £1,800 (20%)
    • Total Cost = £9,000″

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