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    Sales Executive L4 Icon

    Sales Executive L4

    • Qualification Type: Apprenticeship
    • Level: 4
    • Course Duration: 18 Months
    • Course Value: £6,000


    A Sales Executive operates within Business to Business or Business to Consumer markets with responsibility to sell a specific product line or service.

    Gain an advantage over the competition by joining our Sales Executive L4 programme, targeted at Sales Consultants, Sales Specialists, Sales Advisors, Sales Representatives, Business Development Executives, and Field Sales Executives looking to enhance their own knowledge and skills development leading to increased career prospects.

    Typically, a Sales Executive will deal with a single point of contact for each sale and will present a pre-considered value proposition. The entire sales process may be completed during a single customer conversation, or over a series of interactions within sectors including Technology, Business, Media, Pharmaceutical, Recruitment, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Utilities, and the Automotive Sector.

    During the 18 months on-programme learning, you’ll receive regular support to develop the required knowledge, skills, and behaviours of the qualification. With the support of your employer, you will undertake a work-based project which will be used as part of your end point assessment. You’ll create a log by gathering evidence to show how you have met the knowledge, skills, and behaviours of the qualification.

    Technical Knowledge

    • Organisational knowledge
    • Product, service, and sector knowledge
    • Market knowledge
    • Customer knowledge
    • Commercial and financial acumen
    • Digital knowledge

    Technical Skills

    • Sales planning and preparation
    • Customer engagement
    • Customer needs analysis
    • Propose and present solutions
    • Negotiate
    • Closing sales
    • Gathering intelligence
    • Time management
    • Collaboration and teamwork
    • Customer experience management
    • Digital skills

    Underpinning Skills, Attitudes and Behaviours

    • Ethics & integrity
    • Proactivity
    • Self-discipline
    • Resilience & self-motivation
    • Continuous professional development

    Following the successful completion of the course, the Sales Executive will be able to tactically plans their sales activities, lead the end-to-end sales interaction with the customer and manage their sales internally within their organisation.

    You’ll understand your organisation’s products or services in detail and will be an expert at analysing customer needs and creating solutions by selecting appropriate products or services, linking their features and benefits to the customer’s requirements. Building trust and confidence in your own and your organisation’s capabilities, the Sales Executive will be able to demonstrate detailed product knowledge, competitor knowledge and an understanding of the market in which they operate,  ensuring a positive customer experience.

    Additional skills development will include:

    • Developing customer relationships by establishing rapport
    • Retaining and growing a number of existing customer accounts
    • Generating new business by contacting prospective customer
    • Bringing the sales process to a mutually acceptable close

    Programme Payments

    Small, Medium Employer (under £3m annual payroll)

    • £30.00 per learner per month (5% employer contribution *10 months = £300) + VAT

    Levy Employer (over £3m annual payroll)

    • On Programme: £266.67 per learner per month * 18 months = £4,800 (80%)
    • End Point Assessment: £1,200 (20%)
    • Total Cost = £6,000″

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