Why Apprenticeships?

Getting started

There are many ways apprentices benefit their employers:


Productivity gains from employing an apprentice long-term average at £214 per week, can you afford not to have an apprentice?

Suiting your needs

We understand that your business will always come first. We fit the apprentices needs and your needs as an employer together seamlessly, with 78% of employers saying they are satisfied with the flexibility offered in the training.

Helping Morale

Recruiting staff into an apprenticeship programme will help their professional skills & will also aid their morale.
Investing in staff makes them feel like a valued asset to the organisation and will build loyalty, improve retention & reduce recruitment fees, which all save money on the bottom line.

Meeting Social Responsibilities

Every employer has a wider responsibility to their local community and wider society. By taking on an apprentice, a business is:

  • Increasing the life chances of the young people and boosting the economy.
  • Demonstrating that the business is socially responsible, and raising the business’s community profile.
  • Helping to tackle unemployment in the local area, and creating a more diverse workforce.
  • Supporting the UK’s strategy to help young people into employment.

Did you know

  • 97% of apprentices said their ability to do the job had improved.
  • 76% of employers said that productivity has improved because of apprenticeships.
  • 75% reported that apprenticeships improved the quality of their product or service.
  • Nearly all apprentices feel that they acquire or improve their skills as a direct result of their apprenticeship.

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