General Data Protection Regulation Statement

Naturally we want to embody best practice in good information governance and data protection, so we want to tell you that:


  • The person responsible for data protection and compliance with the GDPR is Scott Goddard. You can reach him on 07764 966224 or via
  • If you ever want to know what information we hold about you, you can ask for it (make a subject access request).
  • We are all trained in the use and handling of personal information, and we keep all personal information safe, secure and up to date at all times.
  • We will tell you what we would use your data for, and give you an opportunity to control what we do with it. You can do this at any time, as often as you like. We will always respect your decision.
  • We use personal information for the following reasons:
    • to bid for, arrange and deliver contracts. For example, we will need and use the contact details of colleagues, learners and employers we work with, for work related purposes for the duration of contracts.
    • to advise people about our services and invite them to take advantage of what we offer. We therefore keep a limited database of contact information for marketing purposes.
    • to administer our business. For example, we keep details of people who work with us for invoicing, payment, tax and payroll/HR purposes.
    • to support our colleagues, learners and employers,
    • to comply with legal or regulatory requirements.
  • Examples of information we hold include:
    • name and contact details;
    • employer and job title;
    • goods and service provided;
    • financial details.
  • We may also hold some sensitive classes of information such as gender, ethnicity, etc. so we can review and improve our services and the market for them.
  • We do not buy or sell mailing lists. However, we would disclose information on request to the Police or any other statutory authority or regulator who has a reasonable need for these data to effectively conduct their business e.g. criminal investigations and/or for funding purposes.


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