How is it delivered

What will I do first?

One of the great things about your Apprenticeship is that it can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Your Learning Consultant will discuss with you your strengths and development needs and you will create a Personal Learning Plan (PLP) with your Learning Consultant which will map out how and when you will achieve each part of the programme.

What do I get out of it?

Apprenticeships can be demanding but they are very rewarding. Because Apprenticeships train you in the skills employers want, they give you choices in your career. When you’ve finished you can carry on working, maybe get promoted or go to higher education in a college or university. Research shows that apprentices earn, on average, over £100,000 more throughout their lifetime than other employees.

Progress Visits

Your Learning Consultant will conduct visits with you to discuss, confirm and record the activities undertaken during the period of review.

At this visit you will agree actions and targets which will be completed on a Learner Review Record. Your Mentor / Manager will also be involved in these visits and this is the time to ensure that you are increasing your levels of competence and progressing towards the final achievement of your goals.

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