How to Apply

Checking eligibility

If you are interested in completing a course via an Advanced Learner Loan, please check with us to see if the course is eligible.

If your course is eligible we will then supply you with a learning and funding information letter. This is required to complete the application and will include the details of your course and how to apply. (You can’t apply without this)

Once you have your letter then you can then apply online by clicking here

Once your application has been submitted you will then receive a letter confirming your loan, if you are eligible.

If you are unable to apply online, you can apply by post using the “Application form”

Proof of identity

Include your UK passport details in your application as proof of identity. If you forget, use the ‘UK passport details form’. If you don’t have a UK passport (or it has expired), send your birth or adoption certificate using the ‘Birth or adoption certificate form’.

Supporting information

Use the ‘Evidence return form’ if you need to send extra information to support your application, e.g. proof of residency status.


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